GSBD: 9.4% Dividend Yield Supported By First-Lien And Strong Covenants

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  • 9.4% dividend yield is excellent for a BDC with protective covenants for 90% of the portfolio, 54% is first-lien, and non-accruals decreased to 0.0% due to the restructuring of Bolttech.
  • GSBD has been trading lower, the market is likely expecting an equity offering, as the company was at its targeted leverage and trading at a premium to NAV.
  • Previously, I reduced GSBD’s short-term target price due to lower dividend coverage over the last two quarters and for my revised 2018 projections.

Quick BDC Market Update

As discussed in previous articles, business development companies (“BDCs”) have been pulling back since May 2017. The following chart uses UBS ETRACS Wells Fargo Busn Dev Co ETN (BDCS) as a rough proxy for the average BDC, many of which are near new lows (including GSBD).

Obviously, lower BDC prices have driven higher overall dividend yields with the average BDC currently yielding 10.6% as shown below. However, it should be noted that I’m expecting dividend cuts for a few of the higher yield BDCs as discussed in my recently updated Dividend Coverage Levels report.