GAIN Deep Dive Report: December 2019

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The updated 21-page report on Gladstone Investment (GAIN) is organized into the following categories:

  • BDC Buzz Recent Purchases & Sales
  • Recommendations and Pricing
  • Financial Projection Details: Base, Best, Worst Cases
  • Leverage Analysis and Interest Expense Coverage
  • Preferred Stocks “GAINL” and “GAINM”
  • Dividend Coverage Update
  • Risk Profile Update


Includes updated portfolio intelligence, operating results, latest debt, and equity offerings as well as any preliminary results released by the company. The primary focus includes changes that might negatively impact portfolio credit quality and dividend coverage making updated recommendations (if needed). Deep Dive reports include:

  • Recommendations and target prices
  • Recent and upcoming portfolio credit issues
  • Discussions of any changes to risk profile, dividend coverage, quality of management and fee agreements, borrowing facilities, etc.
  • Pricing chart showing methods of pricing and my previous purchases (if applicable)
  • Base case projections over the next three quarters
  • Best and worst-case scenarios/projections
  • Potential for dividend changes (increased/decreased) and/or special dividends
  • Leverage and lower yield dividend coverage analysis (based on current capital structure)
  • Future equity and debt offering forecasts
  • Recent insider purchases