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This is a new feature for active traders or investors that want real-time updated pricing and recommendations, with easy to use and helpful indicators for identifying actionable opportunities during market volatility.

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This section describes each of the suggested BDC portfolios and keeps investors up to date regarding any changes in recommendations and specific events for each component.

Premium BDC Research

These reports provide overall rankings, pricing charts with target prices, updated individual projections for 22 BDCs, dividend sustainability analyses with best and worse scenarios, portfolio recommendations, total return and earnings estimates, interest rate sensitivity analysis and expected future equity offerings as well as discuss my personal BDC allocations with updates for real-time purchases/sales. 

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Free BDC Research

This section covers some of my publicly available articles with comparative analyses for the BDC sector including pricing, total returns, dividend coverage, rankings, leverage, fee structures, Institutional and insider ownership, growth capital, potential equity offerings, portfolio credit quality trends, Baby Bonds, etc.


Business development companies (BDCs) were created by Congress in 1980 to give investors an opportunity to invest in private U.S. small and middle market businesses typically overlooked by banks. Most BDCs are publicly traded, providing investors with higher than average dividends (between 7% and 14% annually) by avoiding taxation at the corporate level. This allows them to pass along ordinary income and capital gains directly to the shareholder. 

BDCs are required to distribute at least 90% of taxable income and gains to shareholders to avoid corporate income tax as well as maintain at least 200% asset coverage ratios (much lower than typical banks).

The purpose of this site is to provide investors with access to research on BDCs as well as comparative analyses so that investors can choose a BDC that fits their investment needs.

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