CGBD: Approaching Oversold Conditions Driving 9% Yield


  • I recently purchased additional shares of this higher quality BDC that is trading 6% below book value paying a 9.0% dividend yield with an upcoming special dividend in Q4.
  • There is the potential for special dividends or a dividend increase for multiple reasons including recent shareholder approval to increase leverage, rising rates and portfolio yield, and ramp of its Credit Fund.
  • This article also provides an update to CGBD’s portfolio credit quality including Hydrofarm and PPT Management potentially being added to non-accrual status.

You can read the full article at the following link:


5 Replies to “CGBD: Approaching Oversold Conditions Driving 9% Yield”

  1. Buzz,

    I’m now very worried about the sp constantly spiralling down of CGBD.
    Are you still comforable with this stock or did you sell your position since your positive advise?

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